Osa Menor is the practice and research by Jorge Raedó on arts education for children and youth since 2008.

  • To improve arts education for children and youth.
  • To research on arts education for children and youth as part of democratic society.
  • To promote site-specific projects and organizations for children and youth.
  • To develop artistic skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • To strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem.

Jorge Raedó (Zaragoza, Spain 1969). Artist and professor of art for children and youngsters.

Opera Patidifusa: teatro y educación, Art Director of "Lundantia. I International Biennial on Architecture Education for Children and Youngsters, 2016-18" (Pontevedra, Spain, 2016-18),  director of "Amag! Architecture Magazine for Children"(2012-17), adviser in Lunárquicos (Colombia) and Red OCARA (América Latina). He directed the Catalan project Què és Arquitectura? (Barcelona, 2008-11), and he was educational director of the Finnish association Rakennetaan kaupunki! (Finland, July 2011 - April 2015). He writes about his work on "La Tierra y otras escuelas" blog at FronteraD magazine (Spain).

Degree in Dramatic Art,
Specialty of Stage direction and Dramaturgy, by the Institut del Teatre (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). He also studied three years of Architecture at Escola Tecnica Superior d´Arquitectura de Barcelona and La Sapienza (Rome), He worked for ten years (1998-2008) in Catalan theater. He practiced karate with Kozo Mizoguchi and Yoshi Hirota from eleven to twenty-one yearls old.

   Photo by Fabiola Uribe, 2014.